Rainbows and the Silver Linings of Clouds

Plenty of RainbowsWas there ever a sign placed in the sky to give more hope than a rainbow? The eye is drawn upward just to see one, then the colors bent against the backdrop to cheer your soul… And in this case a double rainbow! One of the joys of living in mountains is the ability to see glorious rainbows…

No matter life’s trials or what storms rage around you, every cloud does have silver linings. Look for them. They are there. Hope does exist and you can grab it and hang on for dear life.

Sometimes it is for dear life too, as darkness can close in around your heart and mind, clouding your vision and dimming perception. When it seems there is no one who cares, no one who would miss you if you were gone and not a soul you would want to call or see in that dark moment, there is hope within. You can tap into it and you certainly can choose how you react, or don’t.

Attitude is a choice. Anytime you use excuses or even reasons as justification for your situation, you throw away the chance to truly grow and empower yourself in adversity. Since words are completely powerful, choose them carefully in your speech, writing and especially thought. Simply changing what you were going to say can make all the difference. 

When in doubt about what to say, write it down first. Read it outloud. Think, ‘how would I feel if someone said this to me?’ Remember what I wrote about in my Deadly Resentment blog… Genshai, never doing anything that would make another feel small. Well that includes you. Choose to only do things that give you peace, happiness and true joy, all the way to your bones.

If we all did this, how different might our collective lives be? Pass it on!

(This blog post was written under consideration of difficult relationship issues, while under the influence of album 10 of The Listening Program (R).)


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