My son Alex can fly. And so can you!

Alex flying

Man I had fun this week! Went to a birthday party for my middle child,

Alex flying still

 and a fabulous women’s conference I will introduce to you forthwith. I like meeting new people and making friends. And I do make a good friend. (I come with references.) I am fairly transparent,  hence this disclaimer! That being said, if we chat or meet, you can

Alex flying still again

and not worry about what I think about anything! Hope that is comforting and not confusing. If it is confusing, I have heard that before about myself! If it is comforting, then suuuuuuuuweeeet, because that was my intent!

Here is my blog. You are reading it! Now you can see that I’m not kidding! I share, to help others know they are not alone, there are answers and each of us can be empowered in our lives. It also means that my life path tends to seriously decrease the likelihood of some close relationships.

I am okay with that, as too many people are suffering right now, in too many areas of their lives, for me to stand idly by and not reach out and be a great friend. The personal emails and direct messages I get tell me that people all over the world support and feel

Told you he could fly!

 Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing with me! Love ya buckets!


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