Older Mommys are still Today’s Mamas… #justsayin

Today's Mama

Checking in on the status of our dear friend, Rachael Herrscher and noticed the ‘Giveaways’ tab on her Today’s Mama website. (How’s that for plugs, Rachael?) I clicked on Applesauce as the canned food I like, mainly because I substitute it for oil in cake and baking recipes. Then I checked out the giveaways. and thought I would LOVE a gift card to Snapfish! But then, this nagging guilt feeling snuck up on me. I know the bulk of the readers of Today’s Mama, could probably be my daughters. Younger moms need breaks too. It felt icky to feel guilty for being an older mom and wanting to win something.

But because I am a mom, albeit older, and still raising kids, I have been very fortunate to win lots of things in my life and I’m grateful. I can uncomplicate my life by not filling out forms and keep the winning lines open for those who haven’t won anything cool, yet and would like to.

It’s a wierd feeling but all part of the de-barnacling going on in my life right now!

So enter to win and best of luck! (You know Today’s Mama has cool giveaways every week, right?!!)


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