Let go!

Danielle LaPorte

It is entirely, critically important to let go, of all that no longer serves us: people, ideas, habits, stuff… Let it go and watch the new, good things come into your life. It’s the theme of Danielle LaPorte’s blog yesterday, and has been inspiring me, to stop doing things, stop needing things and stop wanting things this week!

Years ago, when I was an active public lands advocate, I spent a lot of time surveying fire damage. I saw entire acres and miles destroyed, with not a living thing, as far as I could see. Damage that went from Ft Collins, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah and beyond, in every direction. It was awful and awe-inspiring to see. There was smoke, the entire length of my trips. I have no idea, how people in Steamboat Springs Colorado, lived with the smoke density there. We drove within miles, of the towering flames in Utah. Horrible and terrific site to see!

The earth cleared herself of all that had been there for years, decades and longer. (I could, at this point go off on a land management tirade but that isn’t the point of this message!)

The winds died down, winter came and the entire area blanketed with quiet snow. Mile of the stuff, many feet deep. Hard to imagine if you’ve never seen snow!

Spring followed. Snow melted. Rains came… and up through the blackened earth, burst shoots of green! New life sprang up from what was dead… life exploded all around, through the aftermath of disaster and it was beautiful!

This is where we can be, if… IF… we let go of that which no longer serves us, that which drags us down and keeps us from our correct life paths. They new, beautiful Phoenix Energy is ours when we let go of the old, dead and dying in our lives.

Let go! Or read Danielle’s words and, then let go! She knows what she is saying, and her intent is to empower you, in your own life! I met her a week ago and my life is less ordinary because of said meeting! #justsayin

It may be fall here, in the northern hemisphere, but it can be… the welcoming spring… in our lives!


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