Pre-Theta 101

I get asked all the time what is a Certified Theta Therapist and what do you do. This is the Theta in a nutshell post!

Theta is a brain wave and state you can go into, for a good reason, like to fix something in your body, mind, emotions, etc. There are other brain waves, too. If you are reading this, you are in Beta. That just means you are awake and might be thinking.

When you close your eyes and start to relax you go into Alpha waves and state. If you are out cold, asleep, you went right through Theta to Delta, which is the sleep mode brain wave.

Theta is the brain wave state right between closing your eyes and actually falling asleep.

Why do you care? Because healing takes place instantly or very quickly in theta, if things are done correctly. And that is why I am a Certified Theta Therapist! I purposefully put myself in the Theta brainwave state to effect positive change even on a cellular level.

The human brain may be the most complex thing on the planet and more is not known than is known about it, but researchers are learning more all the time. We do know that the auditory processing system is key to how the brain and everything else work together. That is the reason I listen to The Listening Program 5/7 days a week, rain or shine. but back to Theta Therapy

Literally, in Theta I can change things on a core, genetic,, cellular, historic, soul level, and always for the individual’s highest and best good. In addition to my training, I have gifts of intuitive healing and receive messages from guides or angels for the people I work with. And that is a whole ‘nuther story!

The work I do in Theta is limitless. I can work on physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, sexual, financial levels and relationships. In Theta, I can balance hormones, chakras and tempers. Theta work can resolve issues, dissolve blocks and involve others to help.

Most things I do in Theta, I need the permission of the client first. For instance, some people, even though they are in great pain, horrid patterns and one would think they would want out of these situations, in truth, do not. Some people’s identity is their suffering, their pain and their infirmities. Even more sad  are those whose identity is based on others, like their spouses, parents and children. Those who can not conceive of issues being resolved as they would have no purpose in life then. Sad.

There are lots of things I can do without getting permission. I can always download unconditional love and do it all the time! Every time you see or hear me say, ‘Sending you good chi…’ you can bet I’m doing exactly that! It isn’t just a kitschy saying for me! I can clear energy in etheric space and balance chakras. I can also ask an individuals ‘higher self’ for permission and am often granted it.

This may all sound a bit incomprehensible but I assure you it works. It may sound like esoteric mumbo jumbo, but the power of the phenomenon of The Secret, is very much in the opening of so many collective eyes to the power of thought. Quantum physics and quantum mechanics are quite real and work instantly or very quickly and every single time. Every time. As in every single time.

If you walk away from this post with nothing else, pay attention to your thoughts as they become real, every single time. When you recognize this fact, you will have a glimpse into the world of Theta Therapy!


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