Help for ADD and ADHD?

Listening to TLP with bone conduction

If they had invented ADD when I was a kid, they would have said I had it. But they hadn’t invented it when I was a kid, so I don’t have it. I say that, but I always say, ‘If you are awake, you have ADD.’ It’s handling stress with humor, but some people don’t think it’s funny and I’m sorry about that. It is serious and does cause issues, the afflicted, have to deal with. The saddest is when people are put on medication. I have never succombed to it. Well I did try it for a couple of days, but just could not make myself go through with it.

I don’t believe in medication for just any damn reason. And kids, medicated, so they will be numb in class, is just wrong. There is nothing about it that feels right. Especially when there are other options.

Here is the link to the ADHA Awareness Expo. This is an innovative approach to getting the word out and it’s FREE! So NO excuse! There is information on all kinds of related topics like: 

Resource Table * Exhibit Booths *  * * Terry Matlen * * My Attention Coach * ADD Coach Academy * AttentionB * Get IEP Help * Virtual AD/HD Conference * Hallowell Center * Abilto * ADHD Coaches Organization * Wayseers * Events * ADHD Treatment Success: * BrainBuilder (ABT) * Auditory Processing & Attention * BrainBuilder® & Working Memory Q & A * Moms with ADD Q & A * ADHD Basics Q&A * Parenting Q & A * ADHD & Marriage Q & A * Awareness And Advocacy * ADHD Workplace And Accommodations * Coaching Q & A

There has got to be something in here that will help people with ADD and ADHD. Truly! And why not try things that do not have side effects and contra-indications?

Personally, I recommend The Listening Program ®, for all the benefits I have seen with it. I listen to The Listening Program with nature sounds added and using the bone conduction audio system, which replaces normal headphones and is it’s own therapy. The Listening Program works regardless, but add bone conduction and it speeds up the process, giving me more gains, faster. And listening with bone conduction is very calming for me.

A few weeks ago I had 2 teeth drilled. That high pitched dentist’s drill, in my tooth, causing additional sound through bone conduction, about did me in! I left his office, went straight to my office and put my bone conduction headphones on. I listened to 15 minutes, of lower frequency sensory integration, in album 4, of TLP, until I felt better, less rattled and calmer. It was then, I realized I was using TLP, with bone conduction, as a nerve relaxing, mood changing therapy! Cool!

Those of us with or allegedly with ADD and ADHD, have some effective, non-invasive, un-drugified choices here. I highly recommend looking into them if this issue touches you and/or your household. And I’m pretty sure it does, since I believe, if you are awake, you have ADD…

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