My dream vehicle

Suuuweeeet Truck!

Years ago, driving through my sons, Jason and David’s apartment complex in Tucson, I saw this beautiful pick up truck! Rubber-necking, I said, ‘What’s that?’ David said, Toyota Tundra. No wonder you like it, they’re expensive.’ Huh. Well, the one I saw was white. The one I bought, a few months later, was Silver Sky. Yep, I own my dream vehicle and have for 9 1/2 years! I love this truck so much I think she is still new!!! I love her! Did I say that 3 times?

She has been with me through so much! Moves, running kids and lots and lots of road trips, back in the day. My kids and I wouldn’t know what it would be like to not have my über cool truck around! She has been there for us, hauled us around and kept us safe.

Very safe! For instance, which would you rather be in, if you hit 2 elk?… a Chrysler Concorde or a Toyota Tundra? If you don’t live in the western United States and do not know what elk are, they are big, really big 4 legged, gorgeous animals.

I’ll tell you very seriously, you do not want to hit, the legs of a elk, to propel its body, across the hood of your Concorde, and through the windshield, so it can kick you to death trying to get outta there. I would vote for the Tundra every time. That did really happen and I’m glad #2 son had my truck and not his car in Nine Mile Canyon that night.

When depression is something you work on in your life, remembering what you are grateful for, becomes very, very important. We might think of the people in our lives, counting our blessings, but even little things like tweezers, zoos and ziplock bags, make life better, more interesting and even fun!

My beautiful, strong, comfortable, dependable Toyota Tundra is just one of the things I am very grateful for today! What are you truly grateful for in your life?

Chrysler Concorde


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