New Moon Prayer

Harvest Moon Composite, Richard Caldwell,

Wasn’t it just a minute ago we were admiring the harvest moon? And now, tonight, it is the new moon we see in the sky. New moons are about gratitude, rebirth, forgiveness and drawing into our lives that which is not there yet!

I send this prayer to my angels, that they will help me along my life path quickly!
Show me my gifts! Open the correct doors for me! Give me important lessons, in loving, gentle, peaceful, quick ways! Teach me in love! Give me an opportunity to turn fate into destiny!
I am a channel for divine creativity, growth and peace! I respond in strength and love, thereby being true, to who I am at all times! I engage my journey in truth, clarity, kindness, honesty, completeness and accuracy always!
I am safe letting go! I let go of everything and everyone, not serving my life purpose, now!
Those individuals, ideas and actions correct for my life purpose are welcome into my life at this exact time and this exact place! I have balance between my own needs and the needs of others.
This is my time and my place!
Thank you!
It is done. It is done. It is done. And so it is.

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