Even the Mother of God is simply a mother…

Is there anything more magical mystical, amazing or wonderous as being a mother?

Jaymeson & Mommy

Mothers are mothers, 24/7, from before birth, through death and beyond. I have been honored to be a mother a few times. In every case, it was a grand surprise and joy to find out yet another child was coming into my life!

My own mother used to count her children as blessings, naming them ‘…one by one!’ She had 11.

With my own children, I gave birth 9 times to 2 daughters and 7 sons, not in that order. It took me 19 years. Jason, my oldest is 19 years older than my youngest.

Cross Kids 010110

I remember realizing I was first pregnant. I wasn’t sure if I had just felt something. I stopped, held my breath and held still and waited and waited… And then I felt a flutter! And the flutter grew to more movement, which became Jason Andrew, the cutest little blonde, blue-eyed boy in jeans and rainbow suspenders. When I got pregnant with Trevor, the magic began all over again. I got pregnancy books and baby name books and got into the adventure of giving birth and raising another son.

Then David came and then Stephan and Alex and there I was with 5 sons at 31 years of age! I thought my family was complete and then Tegan came and then Josh and then Adam. And there I was with 8 kids at 38 years of age! Life was tough. My marriage was failing, to the point, I wondered if I should stay in it, when I got pregnant again.
You would think a woman with 8 kids wouldn’t be surprised when she got pregnant with the 9th, but I was! And I looked at my life and was very unhappy about having another child with this man. Depression hit and hit hard. For the first time in my life of being a mother, I wasn’t excited. It was not a good place to be and I had to really talk to myself to snap out of it! I told myself, ‘you are carrying a human and need to change your attitude.’ I pulled myself together and really enjoyed my last pregnancy and gave birth at 40 to Danica. We called her the cherry on the top of the kid dessert! It took a few weeks but in the end, I was very excited to be bringing another baby into my family. I realized I was honored to have all these amazing people to mother. 

Sleeping Matthew

Mothers, do things like eat cold food standing up and they go without so their kids can have. They watch them grew up, leave home and go to college and war. They give them up to schools, spouses and adventures. They encourage them to be the best they can be, mothering them through childhood, illnesses, broken hearts and bones, ups and downs, through graduation, marriage, parenting and beyond. Mothers are always mothers. Always! And it doesn’t matter who they mother; the good, the not so good and the really interesting ones! Mothers give and give and then give up things too. Mothers give up their sleep, their precious money, sometimes their very health and their personal dreams, for their children.
Mothers now, may make more balanced choices, but they are still mothers and mothers mother. And we love our children. We give them all our love, knowledge, confidence and everything else we can possible share. And it doesn’t matter who we give birth to, we are still simply mothers. Even the mothers of Beethoven, Michelangelo, Ghandi and the mother of God, were always, simply mothers. Yes, think about her… Even the mother of God is still a mother…

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