New Furniture!

So after months of no living room furniture to speak of, we got a couch and loveseat tonight! Slate and ivory stripe, kinda girlie… pretty much sure Josh will think so anywho! So now our cavernous living room isn’t so cavernous and it looks more like a home and that a woman lives here!

I have noticed, (Adam-Michael Connor Cross-13), that my silk plants have vanished from said living room. Traveled a great distance to the first bedroom on the left upstairs. I swear he giggled saying he wanted his room to look like a jungle! Nice how the Batman sheets go with the theme!

All the while I hear Josh-16 grunting and groaning, trying to get his Spiderman sheets to fit! Tried to explain the cheap sheets, he insisted on for their sentimental value, don’t fit the posh mattress I bought him. Adam doesn’t care a fig for that fact either, after all, they are Batman and Spiderman.

And in case you think they are a bit old for such things, I should point out older brother Alex-21, has Spiderman in his email address and Stephan-23 has at least 4 t-shirts, a lunch box and gameboy all with the theme of SpongeBob Square Pants.


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One Response to New Furniture!

  1. roxycross says:

    Came across this post from nearly 4 years ago and realized things cycled and recently put me back in the same boat again. New furniture… because I didn’t have any. May I be finished with this lesson, whatever it is?!

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