Scary smoke, steam vehicle stuff

Danica’s friend, Kayla came up to Park City to visit us on our mini-vacation. Saturday, I was headed to meet Kayla’s mom, TiaLisa, to drop Kayla off. I had checked the fluid level in my radiator that morning after driving through the canyons the day before, so no worries!

Until I started to lose power going up Parley’s Canyon! Just before the summit, I noticed smoke and steam pouring from under my hood and pulled over to the side of I-80. As I pulled over my Tundra killed. I told the girls, “get out!” and directed them up wind quickly. Women always think everything will sponteniously combust, and I am NO different! I kept looking back and looking at my cell phone as vehicle sped by. On the side of the road, in danger, I thought, and Danica said, “I left my phone in there.” “Well you aren’t going back to get it now!” I said. “Someone is backing up to help us!” she said and a silver Tacoma, was backing towards us in the shoulder.

Apparently the wife, Melanie, I believe, saw a woman with 3 teenage girls at the side of the road and told her husband, “If that were me, with our 3 girls I would want someone to stop!” And her husband, Mike, in the middle lane, changed lanes, hurried into the off ramp, backing up to get to us.

He had just replaced the radiator in his truck and boldly opened my hood. I couldn’t let him do that by himself, so of course I went over and could see and smell stinky, dirty steam pouring out of a hole in the radiator. I knew it could not be driven until repaired. To say that I handled this situation, on a highway, in front of God and the planet, with dignity, grace and aplomb would be a big, fat lie!

I cried! I cried in front of the girls and Mike and Melanie and on the phone to Stephan and the tow truck driver and the roadside assistance woman and who else? Oh, yeah, some people at Westgates, and later on the phone to Melinda, Becky and Mari Jo and I’m sure you get the point.

So, yeah it was scary and being without a vehicle and stressed and wondering what to do and asking for some help and not getting it and having strangers give it and blah! I’ve let the bulk of what should have been an lovelly getaway, get away from me.

And why would I allow that to happen?


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One Response to Scary smoke, steam vehicle stuff

  1. Tom Michels says:

    Because your human? Not everything is under our control? Whenever I go on vacation or getaways I decide that no matter what happens I am going to have a good time. Then keep reminding myself of that decision when disappointment comes along. I may not be in control of everything but I do have control of how I react. At least I hope I do!

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