When things go wrong…

My treasured Tundra

Do I wake up in the morning asking, ‘I wonder what will go wrong today?’ Nope. But I do wonder why I don’t, when things go wrong all the time!

Someone told me once, weird things happen to everyone, but weird things happen to Aquarians all day everyday and they think it’s normal. As an aquarian, who has weird things happen consistantly, I’m thinking the weirdness can stop now. The novelty has worn off, and some peaceful rest would be lovely!
Friday night I got to my beautiful timeshare in Park City, with Danica and Maria ready for some fun and sorely needed relaxation. We unpacked the truck with 2 coolers and 1 tote full of food for the 4+ days we intended to stay here. Got in our swim suits and into a hottub and swimming pool. My intent for this little break was to sleep, rest, read, work on homework from Westminster College and get some clarity about the direction of my life. All good ideas. I went to sleep that night with no idea how my plans were going out the window the next day.

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One Response to When things go wrong…

  1. We are sorry things didn’t turn out quite how you wanted them to, but we are glad you came! We hope things turned out ok and that we’ll see you soon. Wehn you come next check out http://www.parkcityinfo.com for ‘Hot Deals’ and events going on. Kepp your chin up!

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