Nature’s Music, a guest blog from Ian Craven

Adam's waterfall

Click on this link to see the picture that goes with this post! It’s called Toccoa Falls College and was sketched by Ian Craven, who is the guest blogger in this blogpost! Meet Ian Craven, my friends:

I noticed something that I find very sad. As I was going through the online training (for The Listening Program®), I learned how constant noise affects us throughout our day. Today I went for a run and came to some water falls known as Contentment. In the middle of contentment falls there are a pile of colossal rocks. I sat on one of the rocks in the middle of the falls and observed all the different sounds in their locations. I thought of how peaceful music is and how it helps our brain function. I came to the conclusion that probably most people are amazed at the structure of the water fall and intensity or excitement of the water falling from the rocks. However, how many people consider the diversity of the waterfall? I sat in the middle of the waterfall on a rock and noticed all of the different pitches of notes. In fact water by its very nature creates a variety of its own mixed notes to make a beautiful sound. Some water falls far from the high rock creating a roaring sound while other water flowing smoothly between the rocks or all by itself accompanies the musical roaring background. Kind of like a guitar playing chords to a song while another guitar plays the notes that go along with the song. All around the water notes make a different appeal as they come from different directions. How amazing that the many different ranges of these sounding notes that we hear all consist of the creation of  a water fall. 

What I just described is one of the fascinations of creation. However, how many people take the time to consider those different sounds which make up the water fall? I don’ think many people do, or may have the opportunity to observe the different sounds.


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One Response to Nature’s Music, a guest blog from Ian Craven

  1. Never thought about the different sounds of a waterfall. Thanks for sharing. I want to share this with my friend who is a muscian.

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