What the hell is encephalopathy?

The healthy, pre-wreck me!I wanted to find all my records from my car wreck, the source or so many injuries and issues I have and am still dealing with. I gathered them up and they measure over 8 millimeters thick laying on my desk. There are bills and records and reports and pictures, (I’ll post some of the inside of my right knee if you like…) legal records, pharmacy receipts and all kinds of stuff.

My intent in keeping these records was to take a calculator to the whole and see roughly what this whole thing has cost me and a variety of insurance companies.

Thumbing through them last night I came across the billing for MRI’s of my head and neck and read the diagnosis “encephalopathy.” Wondering what that was, I looked it up in several places. Here is one: Definition of encephalopathy. Head injury trauma, possibly brought on by a rear-end collision… Great. Something new to deal with, I was unaware of previously.

How could I now know, you may ask… That would be because you are not paying attention. I was fine. Then my vehicle was hit while I was in it. I have not been fine since. Not one day. Sitting here right now my right knee hurts. It is a burning sensation indicating nerve damage. That is one of the things I deal with daily. It disturbs my sleep nightly. I have to move it, get up and walk around to relieve the discomfort. Chronic pain leads to major recurring depression. I know that one personally… But the brain thing is something else. More research is needed and I’m on it…


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One Response to What the hell is encephalopathy?

  1. Wow. Sorry you had to endure a car accident, Roxy! That sucks big time. Here’s to a full recovery!

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