Happy Freakin’ New Year!

Headed Somewhere over the rainbow?

Even after a brutal roller coaster of a ride in 2010, I seriously feel 2011 is going to be stellar! Feelin’ it in my bones! Just realized it’s the year of the Rabbit/Cat in Chinese Astrology, which is a sign that really likes things warm, comfortable and with no boat rocking! Sounds good to me!

Life on the river has been a fabulous way to calm life and settle my soul. My household has shifted to just Danica and I and we really enjoy the companionable peace. Winter has settled in creating a bit of calm silence and life feels good. Perfect time to pull out the icky issues to deal soundly with them!

I’ve been going to Al Anon for nearly 4 months now, have a grand sponsor and am working on the 2nd Step of the 12 step program. Al Anon is an organization for families of alcoholics/addictions and who isn’t qualified for membership!?! It is designed for the individual to find sanity in an insane situation and I have to share with you, it is working!

In Step 1 I learned how my life is unmanageble exactly, why I let it get that way and what I can do to fix it for myself. It brought up all kinds of things from my entire life and gave me clarity through the tears. I can breathe again and I do believe I’ll be better able and more likely to make better choices for myself, moving forward. I am tending my own garden and not so worried about you and yours!

Speaking of gardens, this planting season will be a new challenge as I no longer have a normal yard to do my planting in! I’ll still be planting fabulous baskets for businesses and homes, but will do the jobs individually and deliver them instead of holding them, I believe. We will have to get on the schedule if that is in the plan for you!

This year of 2011 will also bring me at least one new grandbaby, which brings the total to 8! One more and I’ll have an even number of kids and grandkids! Unless you count all my ‘kids’ I did not give birth to but count!!! Listed on Facebook, if you’re curious!

In a nutshell, 2011 is all about me and my growth as a human being, travelling this planet among you. My intent is to have a better handle on my finances, continue to follow the Al Anon Steps, while ‘tending my own garden,’ meaning minding my own business, not yours, and doing my listening to The Listening Program®, among other effective therapies! I will also continue to spend quality time with friends and family, face to face, or via technology!

Thanks for reading my blog and feel free to comment or request a guest blogging spot! Love ya buckets and carry on! Roxy


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