Clarity, Philosophy and Proof

The pounding surf cleanes the soul!

I heyoinked this quote from a new friend on Facebook. “There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation.” -Herbert Spencer. Thanks, you know who you are!!! It seemed to suck the air out of my lungs when I read it. Truth can do that.

It is completely baffling to me how people will stew in their own juices, with no personal effort, to extricate themselves! Not only that, they will puff up and fight everyone’s efforts to help!

In my long life, I have taken so much criticism for attempting to improve myself and to gain knowledge and understanding of myself, those around me and my world and I don’t get it! My working to improve does not mean it is a reflection on others and they should jump on the bandwagon and get going too. Do whatever you want with your own life! And I will do with mine, as I choose.

Now, I share what I’m doing, because there is this part of me that truly believes, people don’t always know they have choice. I come from a place where I didn’t think I had choice. I really didn’t. That may seem odd, if you know me now, but if you knew me 20 years ago, I was a different girl. I thought I had to do what others directed. It is hard to even imagine that now. But I do understand that space and I do know how debilitating it is to be stuck there.

The thing is, we do have choice, all of us and each of us. We can seek for answers and actually expect to find them. My life keeps morphing into something better, more authentic, filled with hope. That is a big leap from not even seeing a tunnel entrance, let alone a light at it’s end.

My philosophies of life are ever-expanding. I had walked away from so much in life that kept me contained. I feel so good about becoming and being who I really am and living with those consequences! I made a declaration in posts the last 2 days of my intent for 2011 and have every intention of following through. You, may remind me, should I veer off path in the process!

I do believe I am on a very good, healthy path with some dear amazing old and new friends! We will see, this time next year how all has fared, as the proof, my friends, is in the pudding! I am not good at stewing in my own juices while ignoring truth staring me in the face! And I am not the person willing to calmly accept the contempt of others for my investigation of healthier choices for my own life! But I will work on that, because your acceptance is not a condition of whether I move forward in my life, or not!


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