Letting go…

I have always felt stuffing your emotions will give you cancer or some other dread disease. I always said I would not get cancer because I don’t stuff my emotions. I wish I wasn’t a liar!!! You know how I know I stuff my emotions? They explode out in tears when some says something to kind to me, like asking me how I am when I can tell they mean it when they ask me how I am! I really cannot keep holding things in and being strong all by my little self! I need help.

There is a crack in the dam that I cannot stop by sticking my finger in it. As this fissure grows, the hurt and pain is exploding out. I know what started this. I decided life as I knew it had to change. I needed good breaks in my life and they started to come. I learned about new technology and how the auditory processing system works and tapped into a music frequency based listening system that fed my brain what she needed and she took off! My brain re-wired my body to heal its self of physical injuries and if that wasn’t enough it worked on my emotions, setting them free from their bands. And if that wasn’t enough it opened up to new options, like learning to play the mandolin, reading new books, making new friends, moving by the river, welcoming a foreign exchange student into our home, getting control of my finances, getting involved with Al Anon, going through a 12 step program, continuing my listening and listening to more than music. Listening to my intuition, listening to the experiences of those who have gone before and are farther down the path than I am and listening for messages from God, just for me.

When I lay my head on my pillow again tonight I do not want to worry about the memories rushing in, the stresses of the day or anxiety about my future. I’ll just pray for simple things like good rest, blessings on the whole world and that tomorrow be another day bringing the people who should be in my life, into it and those who shouldn’t, right out. I’ll pray that I feel peace and be inspired to share that which works for me to perhaps inspire another…


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