12 Steps to Sanity

I have been wondering about so many things in my life for quite some time now. Going through  the Al Anon 12 Steps is addressing my concerns and giving me some clarity and calmness. 
This is the program I have been going through to find sanity in my life. It is a process that you can use to get through things your whole life. I’ve been building a strong foundation of faith. It has been a journey, so far, of reading, writing and contacting new friends in Al Anon, to get through this. I can read some literature, make a call, go to a meeting. The clarity I seek, appears in through a person, a word, a message. I have found some peace and some understanding and highly recommend it! If you wonder if you should try it, go to 6 meetings and decide. That was the advice someone gave me and it is working for me. Not many people in Al Anon will share with others that is what they are doing. I am not an alcoholic, but I come from 5 generations of them, that I know of and I think the madness should stop here. I am learning, in Al Anon how to live my life with sanity in the midst of an insane world. I am learning how to have balance and peace with those around me are in drama, catstrophe and crisis. I am learning to stop being an enabler and mind my own business.

Alcoholics are not just people who get drunk. It is a behavior type that makes you feel like you have to walk on eggshells to keep a person with crazy actions and words, from doing something else weird. If you twist in the wind in your life, you may find some peace through Al Anon.


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One Response to 12 Steps to Sanity

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here. I have been recovering from the “problem of alcohol” in Al-Anon for over 6 years now and it’s been the best thing that’s happened in my life. Before I came to this program of recovery, the only solution I could ever come up with was to throw out the relationship so the hurt and anger would stop. But today, with the tools offered through Al-Anon, the friendships, the support from others and, of course, God as I understand Him, I am able to live a full and happy life. We don’t know what we don’t know and I found out through these meetings what alcoholism was doing to me as the spouse of an alcoholic. Alcoholism truly is a Family Disease; treating the family is as important as treating the alcoholic. Thanks for your article and God bless.

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