Al Anon Step 1-my nutshell…

 We admitted we were powerless over alcohol—that our lives had become unmanageable.

Some things I'm just powerless over.

My life is unmanageable because I let it be. I have allowed all kinds of things and people to influence and effect my decisions and my life. When I feel invisible, unappreciated or found lacking, from those around me, I have suffered. There has been something lacking in me. I have been lacking the courage to be who I truly am and celebrate those treasures of character, personality and accomplishment!For instance, 8 of my 9 children are blazing their own trails through their own lives, as individuals making their own decisions? My children have found or are finding the things that make them happy, fulfilled and valued, themselves. Instead of feeling unappreciated and unneeded, I can be delighted in my freedom to come and go, focus on what I want and choose to do what is important to me.

I can live where I want, and choose to work on some things in my life that need help. Big things like self value, finances, and my ability to balance my life and be a good friend, especially to myself. I am changing this now, for myself. I go to Al Anon meetings, am working the steps and making new choices. I am working on several areas of my life, consistently, and showing progress. I am grateful for the big and little miracles in my life that let me know I am not alone, I have value and my life will continue to get better.


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