Aging is a crock!

 Time is flying here! We are halfway through January already! Probably February, by the time you read this! The company I work with, Advanced Brain Technologies, has historically worked with children. As the oldest person on staff, in the corporate office, I see the need for this work to get to the ‘Boomer’ population and now! And from my personal expereince and the work being done around the world with those of us allegedly middle-aged and older, it is a great time to pass things on!

If that isn’t your demographic, hang on! It will be! Hahahahaha!

Wanted to share a couple of things about issues you may deal with too. I’ve been listening to The Listening Program® for over a year now. Tried to figure out how many hours I’ve invested in improving my brain function, something well over 200 hours! Amazing commitment!

Sometimes when I am in Speech & Language, albums 5 & 6, l I feel like a brick is attached to my tongue, my face or my brain! I can always tell when something is trying to integrate. I actually laugh and give it a week or 2 to work itself out. And I hope you give TLP a try, turning around to do the program again and again.

I have gone all the way through both cycles 3 times now and am focusing on Sensory Integration, albums 3 & 4, for a chunk of time, for the second time right now.  Last time I focused on SI, I did it an hour a day for 7 weeks. I didn’t even take the weekends off. Every time I go through The Listening Program, new things integrate.

Some things seemed to integrate instantly and others came in pieces. I believe I shared  losing the ability to do sequential numbers in a Traumatic Brain Injury, in previous posts here, and not being able to do them for a few years. That’s phone numbers, money, credit card numbers, addresses; think about it! Devastating on a daily basis!

When that skill came back, it came back all at once! I couldn’t do it one day and the next day and ever since it works fine! Try me!

Other things, like being able to find the correct word, when I want it, took some time. Someone with more training than me, might know what all goes into that. Before, for instance, I might be looking for the word ‘suitcase’ and would get ‘circus’ instead. It was as if my brain sorted and filed words by similar sounds and numbers of syllables.

A chunk of my career was in television and radio, which never would have happened if I hadn’t been able to express myself with some intelligence and style! Lost it all in a car accident! If you talk with me now, you see I am more lucid and can smoothly retrieve the words I want. Oh yay!

The issues I work with now are the ADD-type where ideas explode in my mind in the middle of thoughts, side-tracking me! I have no doubt the next time I go through TLP sequentially, new things will integrate and maybe this time, it will be a filter for that jazz!

Let me know if you have questions! I do post these things to inspire others to push out of their comfort zones of despair and forget what they have heard about aging. Aging is a choice and a crock! Look at me! I’m a hundred and eight six! And I look marblous! (That’s not me in the picture, but she looks marblous too!) Have a great weekend, Roxy


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2 Responses to Aging is a crock!

  1. Love this Roxy! I am getting my brain fine tuned at the moment too. No results as dramatic as yours, but then I haven’t had a head injury either. I just have a 63 year old brain that I want to keep in the best possible shape and this is such a pleasing way to do it!

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