Message from Gerri’s Kids’ Mom, Gerri!

I wanted to give everyone an update!

The kids had their follow up with their pediatric GI (digestive disorders). Both kids have gained more weight and are considered in the 25th percentile on the growth chart. Amazing since both were at one time failure-to-thrive and needing a tube feeding! Austin remains seizure free and eosiniphilic esophagitis in remission. Sydney’s remains free of immunodeficiency IV therapy. Her asthma meds continue to be 100% decreased and has not had any hospitalizations since hyperbaric treatment started. Austin has not had any hospitalizations either since HBOT. Very blessed! They are both doing wonderful on their TLP program. Currently on TLP album 4 modules 1-4 this week. Right now we are on album 4 and they sleep like babies;) Love it!!!

Seeing some nice results. Austin’s language and humor just keeps getting better. And, he speaks in much more complex sentences. Sydney’s anxiety and sensory issues with new bathrooms has declined as well. I am letting them lead me in what they need and they are doing fabulous!

I am so glad we have become such good friends. You are amazing mom that reaches out to others from your own experiences! Love it!!! Talk to you soon!

Gerri, mommy to 2 kids recoverying from mitochondrial disease


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