Ending January with Gerri’s Kids

Hello everyone, Well, both kids just completed The Listening Program® Album 5 this week.

Sydney hummed and played with her toys while listening. She has gained an additional 2 levels in reading! Whoo Hoo. Her anxiety was up just a little when we first started album 5 but a little extra sensory integration album took care of that!

And, Austin is just soaring more and more in spelling out his words, remembering information for tests, more outgoing. We just came back from a varsity basketball tournament. I thought for sure he would hold his ears through most of the whistle blowing and buzzer sounding off! In the beginning of the game, he lightly plugged his ears the first two times the buzzer went off. After that, not at all for the remainder of the 2, 3,and 4th quarters.

He also used the mens bathroom independently with many other men and boys all around without incident. This is a first folks!!!! Huge Huge for him. He insisted he knew where the boys bathroom was and needed to go now not wait until we got home. Before he would not even attempt a new bathroom, let alone with several other guys coming in and out!!!! At first, he looked at me a with hesitation before walking in and asked if I could go. I told him that I could not because I am a lady and can only use the ladies restroom. He was ok and went on in. I was sooo nervous that I asked a gentleman coming out of the restroom if he could see a young boy with a blue coat on, using the restroom and if he was ok. The man replied, “Sure, he is on his way out.” I almost cried.

Well, I did later when he was not around. I bragged and bragged to him about how grown up that was for him to do!

My children are much more difficult to raise and keep healthy than most but it is all good! They have inspired me in so many ways! I am blessed!!

Gerri, mommy to 2 kids recoverying from mito (mitocondrial disease)


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One Response to Ending January with Gerri’s Kids

  1. Gerri W says:

    Hello there everyone! Can’t believe the kids are on Album 8 this week of The Listening Program! Amazing! Doing incredibly well even during illnesses. They often request it! They love to sit and listen or play and listen:) Love, Love the flexibility of the program. Seeing much more complex thoughts and language with Sydney! Austin too! They both talk back when I ask them to do things! Gotta take the good with the bad! Can’t complain when I see neurotypical behaviors whether they are good or bad. Whoo Hoo! Our school district is also working with our audiologist to do a trial with an FM system for the classroom only. With TLP, there may be a day where auditory processing is the thing of the past! The kids also started Ji Jitsu this week and so far so good. Doing much better than I could have ever imagined! Truly blessed with very unique children that are thriving!!!!! Love to you all:)
    Gerri, mommy to 2 unique kids recoverying from mito

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