What do you think when I wish you Happy Brain Awareness Week?

Happy Brain Awareness Week/Month! What is the first thought that goes through your head? ‘My brain needs a drink?’ ‘I can’t remember things like I used to. I’m getting old?’ Do you think of crazy people, whose ability to think seems to have left the building?

Truth is, the brain continues to learn til you die. Really. It’s called neuroplasticity. Look it up! Amazingly complex thing, the brain, and yet it’s pretty simple how it takes in information. Your brain gets it’s information through your senses. What are you looking at? What does looking at something make you think and what to do? You look at a cute grandson and you want to pick him up and hold him, talk to him, kiss him, bold, help him feel safe and feel good holding him.

We feel heat and cold, soft and safe or sharp and scary things touching us. We know if things are going to feel good to the touch or are a horrible idea to touch! Some of those same criteria apply to the things we put in our mouths. Are they hot, cold, spicey, sweet, tangy, delicious, nasty or have they gone bad, are things we know by tasting. And sepending on what we have in our mouths and from previous experience or education, we know, through our brains, what we should do about it!

When you smell things, your brain tells you how to react. Car exhaust=hold your breath. Rose=inhale but watch for bugs. Onions sauteeing=inhale deeply, sigh and appreciate the aroma, knowing dinner is on it’s way… See how this works?!

So back to your brain. It controls everything from your physical well being and ability to be mobile, to whether or not you can communicate clearly and understand others. Even your level of ability to concentrate, pay attention, handle your emotions, generate ideas and ‘get’ the ideas of others. If your brain controls everything, doesn’t it make sense you should take care of it?!

Bet you haven’t thought about that too much before! How do you take care of your brain?  If you think what you put in your face effects your brain you ar correct. And what you don’t eat and drink. We know drugs, alcohol certain foods can seriously mess up our ability to function brilliantly! But just important as what we eat is to our brains, the sounds going into our systems is even more important.

If you are what you eat, even more so, you are what you listen to.


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