What a workhorse the brain is!

Advanced Brain TechnologiesWithout a doubt, one of the best things I ever did for my brain, was to start listening consistently to The Listening Program® from Advanced Brain Technologies. Do a search on my blog under ‘listening’, ‘TLP’, ‘The Listening Program,’ and related topics. Actually, everything is related to the brain and listening and here is why.

We know what we eat and drink or don’t eat and drink affect our level of physical health. I’m repeating a previous post, because this is sooooooooooooooo important! The same is absolutely true of the brain and the sounds going to the brain through your ears and bone conduction. (Bone conduction is how you hear your own voice, or how you hear under water or a baby hears in utero.)

Sound comes in through your ears and you probably remember some of what that looks like from biology and health classes. Here is a lovely drawing from www.advancedbrain.com:

You can see all the inner working parts of the ear, but what you may not know, and I sure didn’t 18 months ago, is how the auditory processing system works. It is what the brain does with what we hear. The brain has to evaluate all the sounds coming at us constantly.

Think about it. If you don’t want to see something you can close your eyes. If you don’t want to taste something, don’t put it in your mouth. If something feels icky, don’t touch it! When something stinks you can plug your nose. But no matter what you try, you have no way to shut out sound completely. 24/7. Every day and all night long as long as you live, sound hitting your brain is constant.

And your brain has to sort all the noise and racket and dissonance, the kids, the adults, the pets, the good the bad the ugly. And sometimes, fairly often actually, it can’t. Our brains have disconnects. For various reasons our brains do not know what to do with the sounds coming in. And how can we tell? We stare blankly at the frustrated person trying to talk to us. We get directions wrong and can’t explain something to save our souls! There are so many things that go very badly when we have auditory processing issues that whole books have been written on the subject and many professions, organizations and companies exist to help people because of this.

Hence: Brain Awareness Week/Month! Joke all you want, but you don’t have to just deal with your issues. There may be simple solutions right in front of your nose. I know there are. I have multiple traumatic brain injuries and I have found solutions. permanent, life changing solutions and some fun ones too! Search this blog and keep reading, because I will continue to share those solutions that have worked for me and may work for you!


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