My Girls

The older I get the more important my girlfriends have become. And I have lots of girlfriends. I have girlfriends I have known since I was a little girl. Girls I stay in touch with through Facebook mostly as we catch up and get to know each other again. Was so excited to meet Jane and Vicki in Roseville CA and travel to Lake Tahoe together for some rest and do nothing but chat in the sun together last week! Now that was fun!

I have girlfriends who knew me when, like Kathy Wursten and her daughter Tracy Graham and Kori Johnson and Angie Simper from when I lived in the Uintah Basin years ago. Those women have seen me in some tough times! And seem to love me anyway!

Then there are my girlfriends from living in Salt Lake City like Linda Borosky, Anna Johnson, Lysa Scarano, Melinda Zito O’Brien, Becky Hess, Jennifer Jackenthal, Jodie Schrieber Adams and Jenn Dunn. Anna and I met in a tanning salon and were instant friends. Met Lysa through Anna and Jenn through Jodie. Met Jodie at Bad Ass Coffee Shop and Melinda, Jennifer and Becky at a Ladies Who Launch incubator. All of these beautiful, beautiful women have made such an impact of love in my life!

Then Susan Snee and Angel Thompson, Denise Foran and Shaina Harris, I worked with in Ogden UT and have stayed in touch and all the friends I made all over the world through that position I am still connected to through social media.

Then there are the women I’m related to one way or another. And this is a ridiculously long list! There are 3 sisters, a wonderful step mother and her daughters and daughters-in-law, several nieces and my own 2 daughters, Tegan and Danica and the women in my sons’ lives, Sarah, Audrey, Nichole, Emily, and Kami. Then there are the ones I’ve adopted like Maria in Germany, Drea in Tucson, Amanda in San Fransisco, Amanda in Grand Junction.

I have very dear friends through Al Anon, an organization for those of us effected by the family disease of alcoholism and other addictions, which effects at least 5 generations of my family. It is an anonymous organization so I won’t name these dear women. I’ll just say they have changed my life in ways I could never have done on my own! I love them all and am especially grateful to my patient sponsor!

When I started this list, it was with gratitude for the loving, caring amazing women I have the fortune to call friends. It was a ridiculous endeavor as the more friends I name the more I think of! There’s Gerri and Colleen, Heather, Stephanie and Christine, there’s Cris from Brasil and Dierdre in Ireland, Pam, Jen, Lynn, oh there is no way I can do this without leaving out women I really do adore! There is Susie and Kyle and friends I have yet to meet.

And maybe I’ll just end with my mother, Sarah Marie Felton States, whom I miss dearly, especially today. Thank you girlfriends. I love you all.


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