No Adultz Aloud

No Adults AllowedGrowing up in an alcoholic household, even when noone is drinking alcohol is a great place to learn to fly under the radar, be one step ahead, watch and learn from the mistakes of others. It is also a perfect place to learn to pass blame, decieve and lie, which are not necessarily the same thing. This kind of an environment does not create a safe place for children. With the imbalance, rage and out of control anger of people so much bigger than you, a kid can develop character traits for survival that hopefully at some point in adulthood will no longer serve them.

That is where I am now. As an adult with experiences and adult children and grandchildren, young in-laws and friends affected by my thoughts, words and actions, it became critical that I take control of myself and my life and make complete changes in same.

Hence walking away from a job, a lovely home, a community and state I invested in, and family and friends, to come to a healing place.

There is a sense of imprisonment when life is out of balance. To be someone you are not to make others comfortable is restrictive and repressive.

I want to be free. I want to be where I belong, where I can thrive. Where I and only I am responsible for my life, my actions and my words.

The hope is in that place, I will find the fulfillment of promises, relief from pain and anguish, expansion of my life and finally find joy.


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2 Responses to No Adultz Aloud

  1. heidikins says:

    This is a beautiful post, dear friend. I am so happy for, and proud of you.


  2. Colleen Down says:

    I admire you courage to share–you will love Sam Keen’s books! In one he says, “Authority and Author” have the same root word and when we author our life’s story we are taking over as the authority of our own lives–not an exact quote but that is the main point–writing is so healing!

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