I’m a Love Sac. You’re a Love Sac. Your Mom is a Love Sac.

Wandering the shops at the Gateway in Salt Lake City UT one summer near closing time, I discovered a Love Sac shop with my son, Josh. Josh shared the story he heard from Shawn Nelson about how Love Sac got started and Shawn’s adventures along the way. I sank into a Love Sac of my choice and nearly feel instantly asleep! So comfy and relaxing. Such a feeling of release and surrender to the supportive cushioning and soft fabric. Mmmm… Lovely…

So maybe I’m a big sack of cushiness to my grandkids. Maybe you are a big sack of cushiness to somebody too. Maybe our mom’s were/are too!

I wonder why little kids love me when all they can see from their perspective is lumps and nostrils. Is it because I grab them and snack on their yumminess? Is it because I squeeze and tickle and kiss them and tell them I love them buckets? Maybe.

Love Sacs come with directions. That makes me want to snort to say that. Snort! It’s a big sack of cushiness and it comes with directions!

Wonder if I should come with the same directions as a Love Sac?

1. Don’t sit on a flat Sac.

2. and don’t make anyone else do it either!

3. Fluff your sac often.

4. Grab the underside of you Sac with a firm grip and flip it up to stand on it’s end.

5. Finally smooth your Sac down.

6. Repeat as required and as often as you like.

Nope. I don’t have anything that compares to.


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2 Responses to I’m a Love Sac. You’re a Love Sac. Your Mom is a Love Sac.

  1. Colleen Down says:

    Oh good, I can now think of my big load of fluffiness as a love sac!! It is all about the perspective! Thanks for the new perspective–

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