Once you decide to change one thing about your life, you can’t help but look at other things about your life to decide if they need changed too!

I looked around my life at 38 not happy with most of what I saw. I was happy about being a mother and that was about it. I didn’t like where I lived, who I was or the prospect of going on with my life the way it was. It was very clear to me the only thing I could actually change about my life was me. So I did. First thing to go was my copper penny red hair that was one inch from my waist. Chopped it off to my shoulders and when my husband had a fit, I cut it pixie short and died it dark brown!

Then I started reading books about women and depression and self esteem and books from the Toltecs about The Four Agreements and The Mastery of Love and started to see the possibilites of a better life. This path of changing myself, jettisoned into hyperdrive in the last year or so.

I left a relationship, his house, my job, then my house on the river, my friends, my Al Anon support groups and my kids and grandkids, the life I knew and moved across the country to beautiful Santa Cruz California. This is a healing place. And coming here has sped up the healing process. I have so far to go but at least I am on the right path now.

It feels like great things are just ahead and I am at peace.


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