LinkedIn Report 071711

Of all the topics I blog about from traumatic Brain injuries to Al Anon recovery from kids and grandkids to quantum mechanics and physics, fabulous flower baskets to feeding the planet, the topics I get requested the most are web efficiency and blogging techniques and how do I use social media effectively! Well here is a grand example of the power of social media networks.

I currently have 460 connections in LinkedIn. This report does the math.

Side note: What is even more significant is who those 460 people are. I may have all kinds of family and friends on Facebook and an even larger eclectic group on Twitter and some other sites, but LinkedIn, I keep to very influential people I know personally and people I would do business with.

 I’ve been asked to give people recommendations, which I have gladly done and occasionally have not. My circle expects honesty and a positive attitude and that is what I give them as, that is who I am. People following me also expect certain things from me on these different forums and they get them consistently!

For instance, my various positions in business, in UT and AZ were not the impetus that made these key people add. me. I know people and I know people who know people and I connect people and companies and money and people know it.
Each person can choose how they use social media.

I am friends with David Bradford on every social media site I use, David even comments on my children’s Facebook pages and is gracious with their posts that do not jive with his beliefs. He is entirely influential globally in business and uses social media better than most of the experts I know!

As the former CEO of Fusion-io, if I have kept up with his CV and board member/chairs of other companies and actively involved in all kinds of funding enterprises, he makes time daily to connect and add to his cadre of social media connections. I don’t believe just anyone will do that, but at whatever level social media is used, it can be extremely effective. David has twice been a keynote speaker for events I worked on simply because I asked, even cutting a China business trip by a day to be there. And he did not charge us. I know some pretty amazing people doing some of the coolest things on this planet and David Bradford is one and a great example of social media effectiveness! Follow him!
My longtime Ladies Who Launch friend, Rachael Herrscher was just a TEDx speaker! Considering the fact Rachael is a super dooper mompreneur, running a busy home and a very successful web business, Today\’s Mama and other ventures, being asked to speak for TEDx is as cool as being a guest on the Muppet Show.

So you asked how I do it and I’m telling you why. Because if you don’t get the ‘why’ you won’t be dedicated to the how and actually doing it. Here is a report from my LinkedIn account from today:

You are at the center of your network. Your connections can introduce you to 4,804,800+ professionals — here’s how your network breaks down:

Your Connections, 1 degree away from me: Your trusted friends and colleagues 460
Two degrees away: Friends of friends; each connected to one of your connections 113,700+
Three degrees away: Reach these users through a friend and one of their friends 4,690,500+
Total users you can contact through an Introduction 4,804,800+

56,287 new people in your network since July 9

So 3 degrees away from me and my circle on LinkedIn, are nearly 5 million people.

The world as we know it has changed for good. And this is why I am so passionate about social media and innovative web uses! Come play or watch life go by! It’s all good regardless!


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  1. Richard Caldwell says:

    love the wallpaper!

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