Offending and Taking Offense… Which is Worser?

In personal injury law there is a legal principle called mitigation of damages. Mitigation of damages means when someone causes you injury, you as the injured party, have a responsibility that you must take steps to reduce the harm you suffer. For instance, failing to follow the advice of your doctor, you have failed to mitigate your damages.

I am wondering what would happen if we applied this to our communications and within relationships. So someone called you names or said something thoughtless or rude. We probably agree that would be offensive. If someone gossips about you, tells others untruths or betrays confidences, that would likely be offensive. Oh there are lots of things people do to other people all the time that hurt feelings and muck about with reputations and the like. All offensive in our society.

In any of these circumstances or many others that happen all the time, what if we chose to mitigate our damages instead of reacting in other ways? What if we took a moment to breathe, drink a glass of water slowly, do something to soothe spirits and soul before doing anything? Perhaps by mitigating our damages we would diffuse the situation. Perhaps we could find peace in the storms of life. Maybe even serenity amidst chaos.

Perhaps taking offense is just as damaging as giving it and perhaps we could stop both, after all peace has to start somewhere. It’s time, my darlings! #justsayin


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One Response to Offending and Taking Offense… Which is Worser?

  1. Colleen Down says:

    This is so appropriate to my circumstances and a good reminder–I have found that being outside of the predominate culture in Utah has made me the subject of many a gossip circle. It is up to me not to take offense but mitigate my circumstances….I will try to remember this in the hard moments. Thanks for sharing.

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