Connecting White Hot Truth in Relationships

Reading Danielle LaPorte’s e-newsletter today and thought of how all the business principles she was talking about had clear application to relationships!

In business and relationships we experience loss. How better to accept and even decide ahead of time to let go and move forward without wasting time wallowing in the devastation?!

If flogging a dead horse is what we are doing in talking about what didn’t work and obsessing in our minds, we don’t let the dead ones die and go away! We keep re-hashing events and what ‘she said’ and what ‘he did’s until we are still knee deep in crap that no longer serves us! How better to let go, heal and move on!

And here is another one: When in a relationship that was never right to begin with, we keep trying to make it into something it never was, nor will be! Wasting time there!

Here’s one for me today: the expense of putting your product/services out into the world that is truly amazing, is WORTH it! I think back over decades of raising children, while limiting what I could be doing for myself, living where I did not want to be and myriads of equally obnoxious choices, so my children could have something better. Working and going to school, handling most everything alone and I just kept going. But I look at the people my children are, and what they are doing with their lives and even if they were not incredible humans, it still would have been worth it, for the sheer potential of what they could do with their lives.

Truth is everywhere and White Hot Truth is available in daily doses from Danielle LaPorte!


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