House Sitting

Let me tell you how much I love house sitting! Last week I stayed in a lovely home with Italian art, fabulous music, a piano I played everyday, jetted tub I enjoyed every night and slept to the sounds of the backyard waterfall into the Koi pond. With plenty of outdoor seating areas and comfy spots to lounge reading it was lovely. I cooked delicious meals in a wonderfully appointed kitchen and even had a few friends over for homemade soup and great conversation on Sunday. That was a great week!

So this week I am house sitting on East Cliff Dr in Santa Cruz CA in a quaint place cozy for one with a million dollar view of Monterey Bay. At night I hear and feel the pounding surf and during the day enjoy the constant stream of people walking dogs, riding bikes, carrying surf boards, pushing strollers and enjoying the view with me. It is healthy and vibrant here.

Yesterday it was quite warm in the late summer sun and this morning the foggy mist has descended. Ah California coastal fog, quiet and subdued. The every changing weather keeps in interesting in California and getting to live in various places, meeting new people is quite a sweet adventure! Can’t wait to see where I am next!


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One Response to House Sitting

  1. colleendown says:

    And just how does one go about getting this glamorous job?? I am housesitting too–permanently and somehow it just doesn’t seem as romantic–I am glad you shared though, looks lovely!

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