Creative Listening for Healing and Pissedoffedness

After listening to The Listening Program® with bone conduction headphones, so I get double the benefits, for 21 months now I have gotten quite creative with how I listen! My last continuous cycles of listening included 6 schedules of listening to albums 1-10 then 10-1, with variations on a theme. I am still basically going through the normal 1-10 the 10-1 but am listening, as I have done for a year, to an hour a day.

The creative part has to do with which albums I choose periodically and for what purpose.

If you have been following this blog at all you know I was in a vehicular accident over 7 years ago that took a very long time to heal. With ‘soft tissue’ damage from top to bottom, multiple surgeries, therapies after all manner of testing and diagnostics it came down to one nagging issue, my right knee.

This lovely knee that has endured multiple therapies, chiropractic care, 2 surgeries, cortisone injections and my personal least favorite 3 Orthovisc injections, 1 week apart. That is the most painful thing I have ever endured and remember, I’ve given birth 9 times! 9!!!

Considering the great benefits I attribute to my listening to TLP, how I sleep through the night now and my chronic pain in my neck and back are gone and I rarely get even inklings of headaches, I’m quite happy with the physical benefits of TLP. It just seems like it should work on helping my body heal my knee.

Of course my knee problems have nothing to do with the fact that in a strong desire to get my active life back, I went dancing last Saturday with friends. Then this week I started gently working out with Callanetics and have also been seeing not one but 2 physical therapists who are seriously amazing. My right knee, however feels jacked up and really was about impossible to walk on yesterday. All this and my tremendous wisdom and maturity served to piss me off! So today I listened to 30 minutes of album 3 for the sensory healing to the knee and am now listening to 30 minutes of album 5 for the healing of internal organs as a nice balance to the previously expressed anger!

Come on Baby! You can do it! I’m talking to my knee now… it’s gotta work, right?!!



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