Serenity at the Beach

Amazing the healing powers around me. When life throws the unimaginable at me I can breathe and exhale and do it again and again. I can call a dear friend to hear kind, strong words, just the ones I need to hear, shed tears and know I am loved. I can go to a beautiful place in nature and just be. I have done this for years, wherever I am, from Red Feather Lakes CO as a child with my granddaddy, scrambling over lichen covered boulders, to overlooking the Big Muddy in Omaha NB. I have looked over city lights from sky-rises and the night sounds, hours from a city. In hot sticky, dry warm, breezy, foggy, rainy or crisp frigid winter air, I have sought solace in nature and found it. From my balcony, at least twice a day, on the Ogden River, to the gift I have today of scrambling down the cliff stairs, at the beach house, to walk on the Monterey Bay beach at Pleasure Point. No matter where in nature, I have found peace and serenity in nature.

The great out-of-doors is a perfect place to inhale and exhale. Breathe in the beauty around you and exhale the pain from inside. And then repeat. It is working and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have led me to this place, at this time and very grateful for dear friends, wise words and the beauty that surrounds me. Namaste’


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