Got my Big Girl Panties on…

“Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you.”
Theologian, Sam Keen

Well isn’t this a great reminder today and every day! How would you like others to treat you? You do it first… to yourself. If that seems too hard, then do it to yerself… or yo self or whatever you need to do to start treating yourself better today. I’m doing it.

I’m going to go vacuum out my truck. Big wiff you say? Hey, it’s bugged me for way too long and today is about taking care of things that matter to me.

Making a list, checking it twice…

Went to a great Al Anon meeting.

Did some 2011 Craft Faire stuff.

Had coffee with 3 friends and enjoyed it and left when I felt the pressure to get other things done. Did them.

Did some Ambit Energy stuff to get one more small investor I can work with. One or two more would be cool.

Sent some information to potential electric and gas service customers to compare rates.

Visited with Sarah the Awesome Daughter/in-law.

Talked to Stephan #4 son via phone.

Laundry is going.

Responded to all the comments pending on my blog. This one. The one you are reading. You can comment ya know. I read them all and almost always post them too. So wax eloquent!

Off to vacuum truck so I can go hang out with another friend and run her to a bike shop after without being totally embarrassed about my trucks hygiene.

And the day goes on… taking care of things I need taken care of…

Got my big girl panties on and am taking care of me and my life.

Oh yah… Namaste’. Took care of you, too.


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2 Responses to Got my Big Girl Panties on…

  1. Nice…taking care of yourself in the process…the best place to start!
    Thanks, Roxy!

  2. colleendown says:

    Whoa, busy lady–I love, love Sam Keen!

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