It is all about the numbers

A year ago I was pretty happy with the results of my listening to The Listening Program® and followed protocols for maximum benefit with minimal risks. I actually don’t know of any risks associated with listening to TLP. I was heavily involved with training myself and others, all over the world, for quite some time.  When you are trained to do something, follow the training! You know that works! At least follow your training the first time through!

If you have been following this blog’o’mine you know I was a mess after my car wreck and that certain things did not function correctly in my brain. Chunks of memory was missing and drugs and alcohol were not involved! Just a Traumatic Brain Injury, something like a stroke. I could not write, read or recite numbers in the order they were written or spoken. It would take me listening to a voice mail message 3-4 times before I could it all the numbers in the right order and then quadruple check it to see if it was right.

It worked fine one day the next day was gone! I could not do sequential numbers until I had been using TLP faithfully for 13 weeks. Then that skill came back all at once! Just boom! Baaaack!

I listened to a voice mail message with a phone number and was able to correctly write it down the first time I heard it! I cried! Then I told everyone in the office, including the founder of TLP, Alex Doman. It was such a break through in my recovery and it came almost 6 years after my accident! See how amazing the human brain is! Give it what it needs and it will heal itself! I believe that! It happened to me and continues to fine tune and improve as I continue to listen daily to TLP.

The Listening Program has proven itself invaluable to those of us with Traumatic Brain Injuries, Strokes, Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Delayed Speech, Auditory Processing, and Music training and more. When you listen to TLP as designed you get gain. Now Advanced Brain Technology is not going to make that claim, but I will! I have seen it over and over again.

A study was done to see if listening to TLP would help disabled kids stop wetting the bed. That is a huge, daily inconvenience to parents and care-givers. There are wise parents who ignored the experts and put their disabled kids on TLP and do not have to deal with bed-wetting any more! Hugely beneficial!

There are people doing things all over the world experts told them they would never do. They, like me, used TLP and are functioning at higher levels than experts thought possible. The program works as the human brain will correct, connect and heal, given a healthy diet of the right frequencies and rhythms. TLP has that and works! It has changed my life!

You can find a TLP Provider in your area or one that will work with you from a distance here:


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