Off Topic?

Fill a glass of water to the absolute brim. The water should be convexed which means the surface is rounded above the rim of the glass. Now how many quarters do you think you can drop in the water before it spills over the edge? It’s 12. Ask me and I’ll tell you how!

So little known piece of trivia about me… back in high school I used to hypothesize about physics topics. It’s true. Even before that I did bizarre scientific things like when I was 12 I read my father’s college chemistry book cover to cover. I did. And I memorized the periodic table of elements. I did. My dad quizzed me and it was not open book. I know. Pretty brainiac-ish. So I have a point.

Back in the early 1970’s high school kids in my circle in multiple schools in suburban Chicago were talking about things like bending time and being in 2 places at once and instantaneous space and time travel and the qualities of particles smaller than had ever been seen. And get this one…

For example there is a theory called Quantum Entanglement and Non-Locality. It has to do with certain physical systems becoming “entangled.” This means their states are directly related to the state of another object somewhere else. When someone measures one object, the Schroedinger wavefunction collapses into a single state, the other object collapses into its corresponding state … no matter how far away the objects are. Crazy! But it happens everytime, no matter the distance they are apart!

Out of curiosity I did a search to review topics around quantum physics, mechanics and such. I read overviews on the string theory and blanes and the properties of the smallest known particles only to find that the time frame for some of the significant discoveries was 1970 to 1973, exactly the same time me and my high school friends were talking about it!

Have you ever heard of the research done called The Hundredth Monkey? Pretty sure David Chavez and Mr. Hyink and my other high school friends were part of the hundredth monkey phenomena concerning breakthroughs in quantum physics and mechanics back in the day.

I am still fascinated by how things work and why. Even the things I find entertaining contain uber weird science like the shows Fringe and Eureka!

There is always a bottom line of connection to the things I post and here is this one. We are all connected and there is nothing we do that does not effect another. And just when we think we are to the gist of something, have discovered what is germane to an issue or really know someone, there is more to it. Life is full of new things to learn and ways to improve and committing to pause, take in a situation before action, goes a long way to living a kinder life. Neale Donald Walsh says he works on always speaking truth even when it is soothed with peace.

From quantum theories and proofs, a simple science project, to how I live my life in <500 words, hope you enjoyed this post!


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