Serenity and Peace

I post a lot of blogposts about things that work for me in my life. And those things really do work for me. In an effort to be transparent I have to share that in between some of those posts, sometimes, are very difficult times. Times when I feel alone on the planet. Times when I feel abused, falsely accused, on the receiving end of some pretty gnarly, awful stuff.

It is in those times, like this evening, when I am drawing on the strength of others, who have been here and done this, to help me get through my trials and the tribulations of my life.

I can remember when I felt like this as a child and what triggered this feeling. I can give that situation the wisdom of a grown, experienced, loving woman who has a default of reaching out to those in need of understanding and unconditional love. I can love that young girl through time and space letting her know it is going to be okay. She has me now and I know what happened and love her completely. She is safe in my heart now.

I can call a dear friend for inspiration. I can turn to a chapter in Kevin Hall’s Aspire, a book that has given me much clarity and strength. I can also turn to a bevy of tools learned from a year of fellowship in Al Anon, a 12 step program for friends and families of alcoholics.

When it comes to serenity and peace, my search is constant and I find I live in serenity and peace more often and for longer periods of time using these gifts that have come into my life since I decided to live a more transparent and authentic life. Namaste’


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