Did you Blow Bubbles when you were a Kid?

no Gwone ups!

My meditation today reminded me to go back to a time when I was truly in the moment and joyful.

My first memory was standing at the kitchen sink late at night washing all the family dishes. Now, this isn’t the time to ask, why was a 9 year old was washing dishes for 4 adults and 7 children, but rather, that said 9 year old, me, was in the moment.

Sinkful of warm bubbles!

The only lit light was right above the sink, which was filled with clean, warm soapy water. What I was doing at this particular moment was playing with the bubbles.

The light created rainbows of color across the tops of all the bubbles… magical!

Lifting the bubbles with my hands tickled as they slid down my skin, again with sparkling rainbows shining back at me. And of course, my hands loved being warmed by the sudsy water. It was a perfectly peaceful moment as the household was asleep and I had the bubbles to myself.

Rainbow bubbles

There was an incident at that point, that, in retrospect was a life changing event, but this isn’t about that. It is about what I do now, as an adult, thinking about that perfect moment and what I can to to create perfect moments in my life now.

What other joys of childhood could I enjoy now? What things could I do putting me in the moment today, right now?

Sandy love letters

Drawing with sidewalk chalk and writing love letters in the sand?

Blowing bubbles and watching them waft away in the wind?

blowing bubbles




lighting sky lanterns

Lighting Sky Lanterns to watch them rise above Monterey Bay?

Could I choose to sit in a peaceful spot in nature, observing the sounds and sites and scents?

Rushing river

The point of this message is nourishing and nurturing myself is an critical step for creating a life for me, full of joy, meaning and abundance.

2011 has been a tough year for many of us, full of de-barnacling and deciding what to do next. I know I’m not alone in this as I have heard from so many in a similar boat.

I say 2012 is the Year of the Peacemaker! That intuits, healers, peacemakers and the like have a new year where to best life has to offer falls into our laps. Our life paths are made known and verified and the way is made smooth.

May doors open for our highest and best good and may those things that no longer serve us leave gently. May those who are here for our highest and best good feel welcome in our lives and may we recognize them. By the same token, may those who longer serve our highest and best good gently leave us. God bless us everyone! Namaste’…


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