Candace Klein Wisdom

This Bad Girl is pretty amazing actually!

I read a wonderful article about a woman in Ohio making a difference for women in business. Candace Klein had an interesting life which makes a great story. You can read the whole article here and at the end she has these pearls of wisdom for us:

Every stranger is a potential new friend. Seriously! The person sitting next to you on the train, the stranger you pass on the street, you never know who is going to be your next business opportunity or investor.

There is value in volunteering and taking advantage of every social opportunity presented.

One should always guess with conviction. You are more likely correct than not.

There is true power in setting the intention of positivity every single day and being excited about your company. Excitement spreads!

There is no such thing as failure, only pivot. When you feel that you have hit a wall, you must simply pivot and continue in a different direction.


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