Happy Birthday to Me: Take V


So in my continued efforts to take care of myself in 2012, I am writing a few love letters to myself to honor myself for the life I have chosen to live, so far. This is Love Letter #5:

Dear 51 Year Old Self…(Roxy Cross)

You’ve been a single mom raising your large family for quite some time now. You are living in a large home equi-distant from both the high school and the middle school so for the first time in years you are not running kids to and from school everyday! Yay!

Your home is a gathering place for all your kids, their kids, their pets, their friends, your friends and your friends friends, cuz everyone is eventually a friend! Every Sunday at 3 is a potluck barbecue and you never know who or how many will show up! One day you had 52 people ranging from 2 months to 72 years old, and diverse! Color, race, sexual preference, religion… none of that stuff matters to you or your kids, in fact you all celebrate diversity! Live music, good food, drinks and lots and lots of hugs and laughter fill your home weekly.

There are challenges but you handle them with grace and aplomb or you like to think you do anyway! You were hired away from a job you really enjoyed to work for Utah Business magazine and now you get to rub shoulders with some more movers and shakers in the state. Not that you hadn’t been for years in media, but this was a different side to things.

You subsequently would meet people you admire and really enjoy being with and stay connected to via social media which becomes a big part of your life. You would get to travel, to speak and teach others how to use social media, create blogs and use the vast array of tools for their own benefit.

Connecting people is a passion and you have found the tools to expedite the process! Believing your name does not suit you, a co-worker heads up a challenge to find the perfect nickname for you. After trying ridiculous names out, like Buffy and Muffy, Heidi Doxey comes up with Roxy, like Roxy from Chicago, like you, and it sticks!

It sticks so well it becomes a brand you name your company, youtube channel, blog and all social media with. Roxy Cross suits you and you make it a legal alias so you can do business with it!

In this period of time you will fall in love again and relocate to Ogden UT to be with the man you love and take a position with a neurotech firm which adventures are mentioned in this blog. When the relationship does not work any more you move to a beautiful home on the Ogden River, fill it with color, scent and delicious foods and enjoy some peace and serenity through your involvement with Al Anon, a fellowship for families and friends of alcoholics.

It is in this tranquil haven you create that you see the time is right to leave friends, family your beautiful home to blaze a trail to California.

It is your hope that in this Santa Cruz area you will find time to grieve for the losses of your life, heal from them and physical injuries, and get one very important thing. A clear picture of what you want to do with the rest of your life, where and with whom.



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One Response to Happy Birthday to Me: Take V

  1. colleendown says:

    Your life has not been dull!! It is interesting how many places and how many experiences one lady has crammed in–so much to learn in this world I guess 😉

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