2011 Becomes 2012

2012 Welcome!

Sure heard a lot of people talking about how tough 2011 was for them. Seems like a positive attitude about 2012 might be a grand idea! Looking ahead there are things I would like to add to my life in 2012. I may already have some of these things, but more can’t hurt and the things that seem to be missing and jump on the Roxy boat ASAP!

I would like to spend more quality time with the people I love. Laugh more, kiss more, hug more, share more! I would like to feel loved, accepted and appreciated. I would like to feel I make a positive difference in the lives of those I come in contact with from servers in a restaurant to the people I cherish in my life.

I would like to continue learning and improving myself as a person. I would like to inspire others to do likewise as they see things working for me in my life. I would like to mind my own life better, appreciate my physical body just the way it is, be happy with the woman I have become. I would like to learn from my past, enjoy and be present in my present and welcome the future with joy!

Financial stability would be a plus in 2012, as would nesting into my own home while enveloping it in gardens with fabulous baskets and planters.

While I’m making my list, I must include world peace which starts with me. How I live my life with love, understanding, acceptance and serenity, effecting those around me who effect those around them and so on. Concentric circles of peace, melding into a planet filled with love in 2012, the Year of the Peacemaker!


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