Random January notes:

Junior High Graduation

The summer of 5th grade I read books sitting in a crab apple tree, snacking on said crab apples and tossing them willy nilly at unsuspecting pedestrians. And I wore the same denim shorts and butter colored cotton knit sweater everyday. The sweater was a hand-me-down from a neighbor and I loved it. Mom washed it every night and I stood in the laundry room watching it go round and round through the dryer door window. I was an awesome kid for a mother who was a model and fashion designer!!!!! Not! #trueconfessions Posted this picture from my junior high graduation because I designed and made this lovely flocked frock with stand-up lace! My shoes were pearlized yellow leather slingbacks and it cost $6 to have all my hair pinned up like that!


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2 Responses to Random January notes:

  1. Tawn says:

    Hey Honey, What a sweet young woman you are in Junior High. I loved seeing this picture. Love you, Tawn

  2. roxycross says:

    Oh thanks Tawn! I was a sweetiepie and intend to be one still!!!

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