The Things That Matter…

no Gwone ups aloud!The things that matter. Memories matter. How often do we look at photos, mementos videos of good times. Thought I would share some things that continue to touch my heart. Like this video of my daughter Danica and her friend Ashlynn practicing a beautiful song for the middle school talent show. Now the girls are juniors in high school and even more beautiful and skilled in their art of singing, but back in the purple bedroom this is what they sang

Then if that wasn’t enough we noticed little Matthew was learning the song too! So of course we kept tying to get him to sing it! And other songs like this one with Uncle Alex and Grandma. We love to train the next generation of performers! You should see Alex and Emily’s son Jaymeson play the drums! Wish I could find that video!

Then there are the videos of Tegan and Danica singing and expressing their hearts through music! There are so many more that may only be important to me, but they are important to me and that is the point. I’m saving them so no matter where my kids and grandkids go, doing what, here is a bit of the beginnings of where they were.

Now trying to get the family all in one spot for a family portrait is about impossible. First it is such a challenge to get everyone in one town, then to get them all to look at the camera without crazy things things going on is about impossibler! Here is the last time the clan got together, Alex and Emily’s wedding 2 years ago.

There are many more on my Facebook page. Go to Photos and click on the videos and you’ll see the little collection of treasures saved there. Here Josh play guitar while sibs and cousins and friends sing. Hear my dad share stories shortly before he left the planet. And of course the almost 9 minute video of trying to get a family portrait for Mothers Day one year. My family is ridiculous and I love them all!

If we aren’t connected on Facebook, I’m Roxy Cross in Santa Cruz CA. The older Roxy Cross in Santa Cruz! Pop in and I’ll add you!


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