Kids will be Kids and Thank God!

I have 9 children and they crashed and burned routinely in their adventurous lives as explorers, inventors and athletes, with scrapes, bruises, cuts and even broken bones. I have pictures to prove it. This hobby of getting injuries continues as adults with torn rotator cuffs=mountain boarding in Toronto, more broken bones=stunts on stairs, multitudes of concussion=big surprise everywhere, square footage of road rash=skateboards and longboards, torn tibialis anterior muscle and tendon=skateboard again, cuts that wouldn’t stop bleeding=knife and also dog attacks and traumatic brain injuries and coma=bullet bike meets side of Lincoln… adventures enabling this mom to bond with her kids.  My kids, who are adults and some of them parents themselves now, consider scars, battle wounds, wearing them with pride of their exploits! That does not = abuse. That is raising free-thinkers, brave enough to take risks in life, push past limits and live lives full of passion for what is important to them.

Children and everyone else should be safe in their own homes, schools and communities. Safe to explore options, to work through the natural consequences of actions and safe from meddling and abuse of all kinds.

This isn’t a big leap here. If we, each of us, will be kinder and more gentle with ourselves and those around us, those concentric circles of love will begin to overlap and we will see real, lasting, peaceful, grateful change in our beautiful world.


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