Growing my own Food

It has been so satisfying this year to harvest continually. There is nothing like eating your own food! You know where it has been, you know who handled it and you know what was used to grow it.

Every day since I got back from a trip to Northern California over Memorial Day, I have eaten things I’ve grown! On my 8′ x 10′ deck, I am growing varieties of kale and lettuce, potent onions, strawberries and lots of herbs amidst scented geraniums, petunias, gazanias, alyssum, dianthas, spider plants, vincas, jennies, and much more. I have basil, thymes, rosemary and sage. All of these food plants are in the midst of flowering and decorative plants in baskets and planters. Nothing I eat is growing in the ground here.

If you would like to see how I do this you can visit my youtube channel. It has 40 videos all about growing flowers and food and there are even 2 videos of the aquaponics project my sons are doing outside Chico CA, which I found entirely interesting. As people return to growing their own food, in more efficient ways, sharing methods that work becomes more important. Gardening isn’t only throwing seeds in the ground and watering any more. We conserve space, water and effort to produce more in the rhythm of life now.


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