Sharing on Kindness

My friend Rashmi sent me this 2009 blog post in an email this week. I could have written it as I believe its message. Life presents us with opportunities to show kindness, everyday, all day long. I believe I should simply be kind to others and as simple as that is, it is important to share.

Perhaps you can recall a time when badly needed, someone was kind to you. I have myriads of such stories. if I named the people who have been kind to me in my life, this would be a never-ending blog post! Let’s just mention a few.

There’s Jeannie Rosen,Jane Beeson-Marzano, Jane Thompson Murnane, Rashmi Jarvis, Kathy Wursten, Tracy Wursten Graham, Kim Mosher, Cheryl Stone, Giovanna Morelli, Dave Shelton, Karen Alder, Keven Downey, Joni Rogers, Cory Olson, Dave Helsel, Michelle LaFave and so many more.

In case you are wondering how I chose the list, it is 3 people from different times and places in my life. These people represent hundreds more of those who took a moment to be kind to another. I’m guessing, some of them won’t even know what they did that touched me as they live a kind life without thinking. Good example for me today. Namaste’


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