Mom Advice~Nursing your Baby

Just got a text from a friend asking about nursing a baby and I thought I should write down things I’ve learned to share with others. This is a summation of what I believe. My only expert status would come from nursing 9 children of my own over a 20 year span. Other than that, I have no special training. ;D

First thing I recommend about nursing is do it. No matter who gives you crap about nursing, do it anyway. It is for you and your baby. I can write more about that.

The second thing is take care of yourself while nursing your baby. It takes energy and nutrients and you need to have enough for you too, while you are sharing.

  • Drink more water
  • Drink more water
  • Drink more water~nothing takes the place of water.
  • Alfalfa tablets add nutrition and richness to your milk. Take them
  • Products made from hops increase milk supplies-beer, tea, do some research.
  • Blessed Thistle is a great herb for nursing moms and there are teas already for you to brew you can purchase.

Back to the taking care of you part… you have to rest. You have to eat food to support your stress levels. Having a new baby is uber fun and exhausting. I used to get all my housework done and cook ahead while the baby was sleeping. Eventually, I realized I needed the rest as much or more than the baby and let the cobwebs be. My kids are grown and it’s over 16 years since I nursed my baby. Now my house is always clean, but I have no one home to clean up after so I can get to those pesky cobwebs now.

You can always ask me questions about babies and pregnancy and raising kids and I will tell you what I tried, learned and ended up doing and you choose what you want to do from there.

I also have very strong ideas about home birth and immunizations. There is a term called vaccine poisoning for a very good reason. do your own research before poking holes in your babies with God knows what inside those needles.


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