The Times They are a Changing

Dissatisfied with country life my mother went to a state school in Missouri and then to fulfill her dream of being a fashion designer like Edith Head, she went to Ray Vogue Art Schools in Chicago. Mom had never dated in high school or college. The rural boys did not interest her. She had a dream and no interest in boys, or men as she got older.

To hear Mom tell the story, she was eating with a bunch of friends talking about dating and she said, “I don’t like boys,” right when the room got quiet. In a flash, knowing she was in a design school with all kinds of people, she didn’t want to be thought ‘queer’ so she agreed to the next date that came her way. That was my father, set up by mutual friends. It was 1952 with Mom married Dad and one quarter away from Mom graduating, Dad said, “No wife of mine is ever going to work,” and pulled her out of school. And her dream. And she let him. Because that’s what wives do. What their husbands’ said. In 1952.

Now as the oldest child and daughter of my parents, that was the example I was raised with. Women did what the men said. Women liked what the men said they liked, dressed, lived and believed what the men said. It was the way it was. For me to leave my religion, beliefs and ideologies of my childhood was a journey itself, and one I am grateful to have taken.

As a single mother I raised my kids to be self sufficient, independent and interdependent. I raised my kids to take care of themselves and each other, because with their father gone and their mother gone working it was the only way. It was the best I could do, at the time, with what I knew and who I was. And life is like this now. More children are raised by single mothers than any other demographic and that has changed in one generation.

Mothers are raising children all over the country while working and/or going to school. Kids are being raised by moms, grandparents and professionals and sometimes by dads. It is a different time and it doesn’t matter why, it just matters that society adjust, as it does not appear to be changing back to the way things were 60 years ago.

Feminine energy is nurturing, supportive and healing. It is loving and caring and thoughtful. Feminine energy anticipates need and fills the gaps. It is quiet and gentle and tender with hearts. Feminine energy prefers peace, tranquility and serenity and will fiercely protect it’s hearts desires. No one thinks it wise to get between a lioness and her cub, yet that powerful hunter will caress the object of her love, protective, alert to danger ever teaching and guiding.

Feminine energy is strengthening in the planet. Those aligned with peace, love and acceptance of all peoples will be the ones who shift gracefully with Gaia. And we will love those who choose not to and send them good chi…

And the peacemaker generation our kids are raising, where their children do not see color, gender preference or differences other than in celebration… ah that is the world I yearn to see, everywhere, everyday, for now and forever…


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