The Road Taken

“We protect what we fall in love with.” Louie Schwartzberg

Robert Frost's Poem

Robert Frost’s Poem

When I was young I discovered, like so many others,  Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. I put the message in my heart, because it fit nicely and I blazed a trail, different from my family of origin, different from people I knew, in fact ever morphing into a life path without comparison, other than in small doses. I left the religion and location of my childhood and the politics. I honored brave people who stood for the rights of others, no matter their color or beliefs, accepting the consequences. I not only gave birth to a very large family, I raised them largely alone, without the benefit of financial help but also without the conflict of shared decision making. This choice required many physical moves, job changes and adaptions challenging us and refining a group of humans, adaptable, welcoming and accepting of others and focused on chosen tasks.

The Road not Taken

The Road not Taken

Consistently exploring spiritual options out of the mainstream is another layer to my life path. Where many still have never heard of Theta Therapy, I am certified. When Deeksha is not well known, I’m a Deeksha Blessing Giver. Both of these trainings opened doors to intuitive gifts I did not know I had, but depend on daily now. It has given me a unique perspective on people, events and life in general. So have my various searches for truth, like studying Near Eastern Writing to better understand apocalyptic scripture and prophecies of indigenous peoples all over the world. These life path choices are a tip of the iceberg of all the unusual choices I have made to take a path less traveled by and now the interesting place I find myself in today…

599648_393454427385075_410501089_nI wondered what normal people’s lives are like. Go ahead and laugh! What is normal? How the hell would I know? I have 9 kids! Nothing is normal about me or my life and yet I wondered. What do people wake up thinking about when their lives have more order and stability in them? What motivates people daily when they have money in the bank and bills are paid in a timely manner?

Relationship AltarWhat does it feel like to be in a relationship that fits both of you? Not perfect, but perfect for the two of you? What does that life look like? These questions and more, I have no answers to, because I am the person who makes a decision and changes her entire life in a matter of days? I am the woman who recognizes a good thing and goes for it, regardless of the cost in time, effort or anything really. It is my nature to shift, morph, changing to become a better version of myself, treating life as one grand adventure made up of multitudes of other adventures.

Life path

Life path

I am a woman entirely grateful for the lessons of my life, my experiences and all that has brought me to this time and place. I appreciate the planet I live on. I accept the people who live on it with me and I celebrate our differences and connect with our similarities. Life is beautiful if you believe it is and I do. And I am grateful for my life path, the people I have met and loved and for this very moment in it, where I can share what is in my heart, sending good chi… to all who read my words…


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